Trekking Equipment

When climbing Mt Kilimanjaro on the Marangu route and during the Mt Meru trekking, you will stay in mountain huts. Mattresses and electric lights are available. All other routes offer camping service and overnight accommodation will be in 2-man-tents equipped with sleeping mats. All meals will be served in a larger mess tent and camping tables and chairs provided.

On private trekking tours along the camping routes, we carry a mobile chemical toilet with it’s a tent. The toilet situation on Kilimanjaro has been the biggest concern for mountaineers as most services are for public use and may not suite all clients with private requests. A mobile toilet will definitely be a big relief for all private trekking guests.

Our equipment withstands the vicious and extreme temperatures, snow and ice storms and powerful sunlight even on offensive attacks when exposed to such elements. Good quality materials and our regular maintenance are vital for continued safety and durability of all our expedition equipment and they are replaced and updated periodically.

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