A message from Exposed Africa ’s CEO to travelers.

Dear Valued Customers,


Keeping you inspired and informed as we navigate through time of COVID-19 together. As the pandemic resulted in isolation and partial lock down of countries, the situation has been a challenge globally. Of course, the travel industry is no exception, and has been largely impacted by the coronavirus crisis. It has well been a similar story for Exposed Africa, because we have seen a spike in trip cancellations in the last couple of months since March, 2020.


As a precautionary measure, our country Tanzania did ban on arrival tourist visas for all countries until early June, 2020. Plus, travellers were required to stay in self-isolation for 14 days upon entering Tanzania at any time of which is not the same case today. Considering this, our highest priority was and will always be the safety and health of our clients and staff. With that in mind, we took and shall all time take the necessary actions to keep our clients informed at all time.


The spread of COVID -19 (the coronavirus) has once again tested our resilience, and we would like to take this opportunity to extend our thoughts to those who have been affected. The rapidly changing situation with regards to COVID -19 has affected people, businesses and economies everywhere. It is difficult not to be overwhelmed with the impacts on such a massive scale and our thoughts go out to all those affected, whether in terms of health or their daily income.


We are happy to have heard of the discovered vaccination and it’s our hope the supply goes to the whole world soon, however we are alert of the delays that may happen due the global population to reach everyone in time. In troubling times such as this, we can take to heart that we have faced challenges like coronavirus before – and we have prevailed.



From the context, Exposed Africa s priority remained and will remain the wellbeing and safety of all our guests and staff, as well as the communities surrounding our work areas and facilities. While it is difficult to plan in the long term, as things remain in a constant state of flux, we have put together a plan that we believe it allows our guests a measure of certainty for the future, while still allowing us to care for the land, wildlife and people that depend on us.


We encourage(d) our clients to postpone the trip instead of cancelling it completely.

In response to the challenging time due to COVID – 19 which is beyond anyone’s control, we made it easier for our clients to postpone the trip(s) if they had already booked with us. We have provided free postponement options to all preceding and proceeding bookings if at all they are up for the change of dates. We urged you to support us in this if at all possible because, as you can imagine, the financial implications for us are huge.

If you want or wanted to postpone the trip, you don’t have to confirm new dates now and you can travel anytime in the next 3 years without any extra cost. This means the payments you have already made stay secure with us and you can re-book the trip at a later date instead of immediately cancelling now and losing the deposit.


We are dedicated to providing you the feasible options and “Experience the difference when traveling with us.

I want you to be prepared, stay alert and study the trends as this is an unprecedented situation. We are not sure what the consequences are going to be, but we understand our services and always look forward to supporting your needs. You are allowed to choose travel dates, and postpone freely as per your choice with our flexible travel options.

Last but not least, my thoughts are with our clients and business partners to stay safe in your destination and avoid panicking. I hope that you are optimistic, adaptable and positive about long term implications even in these uncertain times.

Our team understands that each person’s way of accepting challenges is unique, but we go out of our way to match your desires. With the impeccable excellence of our carefully selected staff, you are and will be on safe hands.

With that few, I hope to see you in the near future in the land of Tanzania.


Best wishes,

Godfrey T. Byabato
Exposed Africa

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