For most people, safaris are the main aspiration of their trip to Africa, and being prepared can be the difference between enjoying the trip and having a true once in a lifetime experience. Understanding simple things like what to wear, or knowing what to expect of your day can really make a big difference to your enjoyment. Here is an overview of the different Tanzania Safari Styles available. We can combine many of these Tanzania Safari Styles in a tailor-made safari or you can book some of these into a standard safari.


What type of safari do you want?

Many people ask this question, “Are they all the same, right?” The answer is, Nope! There are many different types of safari available out there. Which one will be right for you depends with your preference, expectations, interest and reasons of your travel. Read on here to find out some of the amazing options that are available for you or getting a few hints to share for a tailor made alternative.


What is your safari type?

There are so many safaris available, understanding what you want from the safari is important.

Walking across the open Savannah with nothing between you and Africa’s big game but your ranger is a dream come true for many, but not so much for others. Maybe you just want to escape reality and head off in your own vehicle or maybe even glide along the waterways at a gentle pace just taking in the beauty of your surroundings.

4×4 Guided Safari


So far, this is the most common safari activity throughout Africa, and in our opinion, it’s the ideal introduction to safari in Tanzania.

Travelling in a pop-up roof 4×4 safari vehicle under the guidance of a qualified guide. This allows you to really feel like you are part of the wilderness, but all the time safely in the hands of a professional guide. It also allows you to cover large areas in a short time, to maximise your chances of seeing more of the wildlife you have come to see. Our vehicles fit a maximum of 7 guests, each will have a window seat. These vehicles are fitted with seatbelts for each passenger, a 40-litre fridge with water and a plug point for charging your cell phones and cameras.

To access remote areas such as the game parks in South Tanzania you can opt for a fly-in safari. This saves time and reduces travel time driving on rough roads. Board an airplane on a fly-in safari to the parks of northern or southern Tanzania or if you prefer to travel in style and comfort.

Walking Safaris


To really feel immersed in the wild, nothing beats a walking safari. This is one of the best and perfect preference for adventurous travellers.

Walking safaris range from lodges offering short walks in addition to the 4×4 safaris, to multi-day overland walking trails.

Although it is an amazing experience, for many people a full-scale walking safari can be exhausting and scary. This can be out of fear of being so exposed to some of the continents biggest game (remember, you will always have an experienced professional armed ranger with you), or just too much of a physical ask, walking over rough terrain under the African sun. Do not worry? He will show you the tracking techniques and teach you about the flora and fauna of this amazing country.

walking safari will get you are closer to the action. Very close and personal with nature and its animals. However, the animals are more aware of you when you are on foot. The result is you are less likely to see the variety of animals (especially the big five) that you will on a 4×4 safari.

Beach Excursions

zanzibar tours

Water based excursions offer a very different take on safari, but some are restricted to areas with a large water source.

The “boats” can take many forms. From small traditional style “Mtumbwi” (canoe style) in the Fishing Cultural groups in the Lake zone to larger double decker boats on the Coastal areas in Tanzania (Bagamoyo, Tanga, Dar es salaam and Zanzibar). This combines the traditional vivacity mixing with the Indian Ocean beachfront.

Although Tourism activities in Tanzania (Africa in general) are seasonal, we have more than enough to quench your anxiety.   So, don’t let that put you off. The National Parks and Beaches in Tanzania are filled with life, some of which you will see nowhere else!  Add to this amazing wildlife offering the enchanting island of Zanzibar. With its centuries of history, famous spices and beach life. Zanzibar is a gem in the Indian Ocean that provides an excellent opportunity to photograph and all sorts of relaxation.

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