Tanzania Safari Cost

How Much Does it Cost for a Tanzania Safari?

In most cases, people’s first glance at the Tanzanian Safari prices usually leaves them with a “sticker shock” experience. Because Tanzania is a developing country in east Africa most people expect it to be a cheap destination. But, the tourism/safari industry in the country is on a large scale that is why those interested in bargain usually end up surprised by the cost of the safari.

Compare Prices from various safari companies

However, most safaris range in the costing since some can be; budget safaris, moderate, luxury, family, honeymoon safaris among others, so each safari costs differently. Whichever kind of safari you are going for you need to know what is involved in the cost. Your time and money spent on a Tanzanian safari is worth it, since all you get after safari are cherishable memories for a lifetime.

Factors to consider for Tanzania Safari Price variations

Before you can have the final price tag of your safari, there are a few factors that contribute to it;

  • Duration (length of stay);
  • Accommodation type;
  • Number of travellers;
  • Transfers and Extra cars;
  • National parks;
  • Season/Time of the year;
  • Optional/Extra activities;

All that is mentioned above is considered by the tour company you are using in calculating the cost of your dream Tanzanian safari. For example; a five day camping safari for seven people can be cheaper per person than a six day luxury safari for three people.

Duration (Length of stay)

Every safari costing is based on its Length; how many days is the safari.

Therefore those travelling on a tight budget could consider having a shorter itinerary. In only four days it’s possible to visit like three parks and enjoy unforgettable game drives.

It is also possible to have a longer safari with a tight budget but this means that other factors will affect this like you could consider travelling in the low season, also the standard of your accommodation can be lowered among other factors.

Accommodation type

Tanzania Safari Accommodation is one of the biggest factors in your safari costing to Tanzania you need to know which type you would want to stay in and how much you have to pay.

There are different accommodation types for all budgets in Tanzania ranging from camping to budget lodges to tented camps to luxurious properties; basically there is enough to satisfy every traveler’s taste. Therefore you can get a quote of accommodation types during Tanzania Safari including; budget, moderate and luxury or during your safari you could mix different accommodations to have a different experience.

Number of travellers

This factor mainly is looked at in the perspective of the transportation costs.

When it’s one person on safari he is not only covering costs of his accommodation or park entry fees but he has to also bear the full cost of hiring the safari vehicle, drive/guide and another associated fees.

On the other hand when five people hire a 4X4 Land cruiser, the cost of the car is shared by everyone that will sit in that car hence this lowers the cost per person.

Therefore travelling as an individual for an East African safari can be costly, hence you could to consider travelling with a relative or friend to share costs and make the safari affordable. With this you also have someone to take photos of you while enjoying the savannah plains.

Transfers and Extra cars

The transfers are from the Airport to your accommodation or to the place where your guide picked you up from. Transfers involve airport transfers from Kilimanjaro and Arusha International Airports and the cost of this is usually added in your quote.

It is also possible to organize shuttles to transfer those that land in Nairobi, Kenya but this is at an extra cost.

Concerning extra cars, if you are on a cross-country safari or flying between parks, please note that you will be required to pay for two cars on particular days. This is because for example, if you are coming from Kenya and you are driven up to Isebania border and you are crossing to Tanzania, an empty vehicle is supposed to pick you up from there and an empty vehicle drives back to Nairobi after being dropped off at the border. This is a big extra cost and it also applies to flying safaris.

National Parks Fees

National parks fees are not the same, even the attractions therein are unique hence the costs charged vary.

For example, the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) charge about $71 park entry which is higher than the $55 park entry fees charged by Arusha, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks. On top of that there is a crater fee that is charged to those visiting Ngorongoro. But what you see I these parks is worth you money and time.

Season/Time of the year

This s a major factor, because in the tourism industry there is a peak season and a low season. This helps you to know when prices are high and when they are low.

Prices rise during the peak season; from June to August and from December to February. Watch out for the Migration of the Wildebeests in Africa. In this time lodges are on high demand hence if you are travelling in this time you are advised to make prior bookings.

For those want save some money, you can consider travelling for your Tanzanian safari in April or May, this is a rainy season (low season), and hence most accommodations including luxury lodges lower their prices that the usual standard price.

Optional/Extra activities

You would want to engage in other activities offered in the national parks or around the country other than only game drives (which are can be enjoyed from 6am to 6pm). These also range from affordable guided walking safaris through the park and visiting the Maasai community to the costlier options like hot air balloon safaris over the park and night game drives to spot nocturnal wildlife species.

Other factors to consider include; Domestic flights, Travel insurance, international flights, Visas, Souvenir & snacks, Laundry, Tips among others.