The Tanzanian visa process, Tips and Recommendations

For entry into the territory of the United Republic of Tanzania for tourism purposes, it is necessary to have a valid foreign passport with an expiry date of at least six more months at the moment of crossing the border of the United Republic of Tanzania. The passport must have two blank pages for seals and stamps on border crossing. Tourist visas may be issued as single or multiple entry permits and these time limits are the maximum period for visas granted but do not necessarily reflect the grant that will be issued.



Photocopy of round-trip, airline tickets or itinerary.

Photocopy of the statement showing sufficient funds for the trip.


Many Visitors ask, “Can we get our visa on arrival?” The answer is YES


There are two ways to get a TOURIST VISA.

The First method and the recommended, is Receiving VISA upon arrival to Tanzania:

Tourist visa will be stamped into your passport by the immigration authorities of Tanzania upon arrival to the country. You may receive visa on arrival in one of the following border points:

  • Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA)
  • Zanzibar International Airport (ZIA)
  • Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA)
  • The border crossings between Kenya and Tanzania (Namanga / Taveta, Sirari and Horohoro)
  • The border crossing between Malawi and Tanzania (Tunduma)
  • And other gazetted entry points like KIGOMA


Important Information:

Citizens of the following countries should get a special referred visa in advance in one of the Tanzanian overseas diplomatic missions. Without a visa received in a Tanzanian diplomatic mission, they will be denied entry to the United Republic.

PLEASE NOTE that while processing an ordinary tourist visa takes 1-7 working days, getting a referred visa may take as long as 2 months. make sure to plan your travel arrangements accordingly.


make sure to contact us if you need a referred visa to enter Tanzania. we will prepare the necessary documents for the consulate department and send them to you.

  1. Afghanistan;
  2. Abkhazia;
  3. Azerbaijan;
  4. Bangladesh;
  5. Chad;
  6. Djibouti;
  7. Ethiopia;
  8. Eretria;
  9. Equatorial Guinea;
  10. The Republic of Kazakhstan;
  11. The Republic of Kyrgyzstan;
  12. Lebanon;
  13. Mali;
  14. Morocco;
  15. Mauritania;
  16. Niger;
  17. The State of Palestine;
  18. Senegal;
  19. Somalia;
  20. Somaliland;
  21. Sri Lanka;
  22. Tajikistan;
  23. Turkmenistan;
  24. Sierra Leone


The Second method.  Receiving a Tanzanian tourist visa in advance through a Tanzanian diplomatic mission abroad:

If you are citizen of one of the countries in the list above and require a referred visa, or just want to avoid queuing up in the airport (though getting a visa there in not a long process), consider getting a tourist visa to Tanzania in a one of the diplomatic missions.

Tanzania currently has the following missions:

The Missions of Tanzania in America

The United States of America, Washington (Embassy) 1232 22nd St. NW Washington DC 20037,

phone: (202)884-1085



The United States of America, New York (Permanent Mission to The United Nations) 307 East 53 street 4th, floor. New York, NY, 10022.

Phone: (212)697 3612/ (212) 697-3612

Brasil, Brasília (Embassy) SHIS QI 09 Conj. 16 Casa 20. 71.625-160 Brasília+91-

11-24122865 [Visa & Consular], Brazil.


Phone: (+55) (61) 3364 2629,

Canada, Ottawa (High Commission) 50 Range Road,


ON K1N 8J4,


(+1) 613 232 1509,




The Missions of Tanzania in Asia

India, New Delhi (High Commission) EP-15C, Chanakya Puri,

New Delhi, 110021, India.


Phone: +91-11-24122865

China, Beijing (Embassy) 8 Liang Ma He Nan Lu, Sanlitun, 100600 Beijing.

Phone: (+86) 010 65321719

Bangladesh, Dhaka (Consulate) 53/2 dit Extension ROAD, Naya Polton, Dhaka 1000
Philippines, Manila (Embassy) Suite 407, 4th Floor,

CLMC Bldg., 259 EDSA cor. Greenhills, Mandaluyong

Japan, Tokyo (Embassy) 4-21-9, Kamiyoga, Setagaya-ku Tokyo, 158-0098 Japan.  (0032) (0) 2 640 65 00,

The United Arab Emirates, Dubai (Embassy) Umm Al Shaif Road Al Safa 2,

Jumeirah 3,


P.O. Box 75457,

Dubai United Arab Emirates.


Phone: (+971) 4 394 0200


 The Missions of Tanzania in Europe


Belgium, Brussels (Embassy) Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 72, 1050, Brussels, (0032) (0) 2 640 65 00.

Denmark, Copenhagen (Consulate) Gothersgade 21 DK- 1123 Copenhagen.


Phone: + 45 33 16 49 00

France, Paris (Embassy) 13 Avenue Raymond, Pointcare, 75116 Paris, France.


Phone: (+33) 1 53 70 63 66,

Germany, Berlin (Embassy) Eschenallee 11, 14050 Berlin, Charlottenburg, Westend, Germany.


Phone: +49 (0)30-3030800

Italy, Rome (Embassy) Villa Tanzania, Viale Cortina d’Ampezzo 185, 00135 Rome.


Phone: +39-6-33485801,

Italy, Milan (Consulate) Via Santa Sofia 12, Milan.


Phone: +39-6-33485801

Netherlands, Amsterdam (Consulate) Parallelweg Zuid 215 , 2914 LE Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel,





The Missions of Tanzania in Australia


Australia, Melbourne (Consulate) Doncaster Heights, Victoria 3109, P.O. Box 4204, Melbourne, Australia.


Phone: +61-3-9846-6996

Australia, Perth (Consulate) 3rd Floor, MPH Building, 23 Barrack Street, Perth WA 6000, Australia.


Phone: +61-8-9221-0033


Visa Application

Applicants for the entry visa to the United Republic of Tanzania must meet all the necessary requirements. These include the submission of the following:


  1. Filled in Application Forms – download
  2. Valid Passport (at least not less than six months from the date of entry)
  3. Two Passport Size photographs
  4. Supporting letter (for Business visas)
  5. Special delivery – prepaid self-addressed envelope for return of the Passport (for postal application)
  6. If applied by post please send the original receipt from bank or postal order.


You can apply for the tourist Visa at the Tanzanian embassies and consulates in your country of residency. Some embassies offer the application form online, but the application process still takes time.


You need a passport valid for at least six months from the date when entering the country. If you are planning to enter the country on more than one occasion on this trip, then you may be able to get a multiple entry visa.


US passport holders pay 100 US$ for standard single, double and multiple entry visa. Canadian passport holders pay 75 US$. EU citizens and most other nationals pay 50 US$ or 50 €.


You can obtain the following visas in Tanzania, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


For more information: You can view a list of Tanzania embassies in other countries;

htt// Embassy-Addresses.html

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