Bebe Cool brings art to the game. Truth be told when it came to who had more hit, Goodlyfe outclassed Bebe cool as every song they performed was a super hit. Radio’s vocals prowess was at the best of all time.
Bebe cool on the other hand, was backed up by his Gagamel band which weaved him faultlessly as they made him the performer of the night.

Goodlyfe will battle Bebe Cool on December 6 at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds

Chameleone who was at the Goodlyfe camp was at one moment caught cheering at Bebe cool’s performance involuntarily.
If it was about who had more hit songs, Goodlye beat Bebe Cool hands down .

However #Bebe Cool is one one of the few Ugandan Artistes who mastered the art of live performance, strategy and song delivery in ways that get fans musically hypnotized. Bebe Cool had proven that musical maturity and experience greatly when it gets to winning a battle.

Overall to use the anology of football, #Bebe cool was at a 58% musical possession while #Goodlyfe had a 42% musical possession.
To summarise it all, #Bebe cool won the battle of performance; Goodlyfe won the Battle of hit songs.

#BEBE cool is definately the King of Battles, you never know which strategies and tactics he has in his musical bag of unmatched stage performance.


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